My safe’s handle is spinning and will not open the door

Tools needed: 

​5mm Allen Wrench 

Step 1. Locate the set screw on the hub  

Step 2. Using the 5mm Allen Wrench, make sure it is tight. Test handle to see if it is still spinning, if the handles still spin, please proceed to Step 3. 

Step 3. Remove the set screw 

Step 4. In the same location, there is a second set screw; tighten this screw using the same 5mm Allen Wrench.  

Step 5. Reinstall the previously removed set screw. 

Step 6. Test the handle for proper operation, if handle continues to spin, proceed to Step 7.  

Step 7. Remove both set screws  

Step 8. Pull on the hub to remove it from the shaft. 

Step 9. Try rotating the shaft with your hand:  

Note: If for any reason you are unable to remove the hub, please remove the spokes and in one of the large threaded holes, mark the shaft with a marker. Rotate the hub by hand and follow that mark, if the mark stays visible and the hub rotates at least ¾ of a rotation (270 degrees), please contact Customer Service for further assistance 

  • If the shaft does not spin, please slide the hub back onto the shaft to its original location, screw and tighten the first then the second setscrew. Test the handle to confirm proper function. 
  • If the shaft spins, please fill out the contact form.

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