I hear two beeps but my safe will not unlock, what does this mean?

Check the battery. We recommend using an Energizer or Duracell battery that is 100% Alkaline, no lithium, non-rechargeable battery, and with an expiration date of 5 years in the future.

Also, try turning the handle to the right, without letting go of the pressure, put in the code, then turn it to the left. Once you hear the 2 beeps your safe should open.

If your safe still doesn’t open, please contact customer service.

Prior to contacting Customer Service, please REGISTER your safe!

Note: If submitting a customer service claim for this issue, please mark YES to the question “Is your issue lock related?” on the contact us form. Also on the contact us form, please submit a short video clip illustrating the keypad double beeping, the lock clicking or not clicking, and the battery which you have installed paying close attention to the battery’s expiration date. Providing this information will expedite your service request.

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