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Manuals for Tractor Supply Exclusive Safes

Find the owner’s manual for your Cannon Safe below. Be sure to REGISTER your safe to activate your warranty and to expedite any customer service needs you may have.

View the Cannon Safe Warranty, this information is also included in your Owner’s Manual

Identify your lock type using the images below to select the appropriate manual for your safe

Lock Type A

Model # TSC Article #
TS5934-45-H1FEC-20 1496914
TS5934-60-H12FEC-19 XXXXX
TS5940-60-H12FEC-20 1299439
TS5940-75-H12FEC-17 XXXXX
TS5940-75-H12FEC-19 XXXXX

Lock Type B

Model # TSC Article #
TS5730-H1-20 XXXXX
TS5520-30HEY21 1673961
TS5735-30H1EY21 1673962